Ask the Ghost Ponies! I know. I know. I have been gone a long time. Lots of reasons behind it. Long story short I hit rock bottom and gave up for a while. Now I’m trying to rebuild and start picking my life back up. I need help though. My friends and family can’t help anymore. I’ve got a chance at a career I enjoy but I desperately need a car to make it happen.

I’m staying in the country, there are no buses to town and the trip by bike is unreasonable in anything but perfect weather. I need a car. It isn’t a want anymore. It is a need as much as air and food are a need.

Please, if anyone can help me out at all… any amount, any reposts, anything. I can never pay you back, never thank you enough, and never be worth the time but please… I don’t have any more options.

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to remind my watchers that I am making Let’s Plays. Click the link for a recent video and subscribe to the channel to see more!


A message for my watchers…

Hey there everyone, Echoflye here…

So I did in fact hit 666 subscribers and that’s awesome! Seriously, I never expected to actually get that far with this blog. Still, there’s something I want to talk to you guys about.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this blog hasn’t really been my focus in a long time… and it’s no longer due to lack of motivation. The truth is I’ve just… grown up and away from it. When I started this blog I was going through tough times and you guys have just watched them get tougher but now things are on the rise and that’s great! 

I will say this… I love my ghost ponies… Jack and Raven are a cute couple, and Flitter is just awesome. Seriously, this blog has been amazing for me. A great journey…

but I think the journey may be ending…

Now, I’m not calling an official “Nope, I’m done.” call right now. I’ll still come back to this some day once in a rare while and post for those of you who stick around and wait for me. Seriously, you guys are awesome and I love you. Now, there is a post expected for April Fool’s Day that I think you guys will like and I may do a few here or there. I’ve just had… different priorities as of late. I’ve changed a lot since I got this blog off the ground and it’s been a heck of a ride.

So, is anyone curious what I HAVE been doing? Well, if you are…

I run 2 Youtube channels! The first one is a creepypasta channel called CreepyRaven! I also started a Let’s Play channel called Echoflye! (Cause, you know, that’s my handle and all that…) Want to see more? Check out the links below~!



So until next time guys, Echoflye is signing off. Remember, I’m still around… just busy busy :3

Local friend in need of medical help!

A local LARP friend of mine is currently suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and is, at this time, a month overdue for his treatment. However, do to a change at his work, his insurance no longer covers the full cost of his treatment. He has exhausted his resources thus far to find a way to get treatment but now he’s at the point he can’t work due to the pain.

I am currently accepting donations to help raise money so he can finally get his treatment.

Our current goal is $2000.00

If anyone can help, even if it is just a signal boost, know that your aid is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be sent to my paypal at

Again, thank you for your help and support as we try and get my friend his treatment.


Jack: We actually met because of Flitter… You see, Flitter had a tendency to pick on me as a foal because I got my cutie mark before her and so did Raven. Well, one day Flitter is flying over me and tossing hunks of cloud at me. Harmless, of course, but I didn’t know that at the time. So there I was, running away when next thing I know Flitter cries out and crashes right in front of me. It turns out that Raven, her sister, had thrown an apple up at her and scared her so badly she fell out of the sky. Raven came over and asked me if I was alright, which I was, but I couldn’t find a word to say.

She was… just too cute…

So there I was, standing in front of her with my mouth open and Flitter sneaking up behind me. Flitter, seeing the strange look on her sister’s face, shoves me forward into her and we sort of… accidentally kissed…

I ran away in embarrassment.

A couple of days later, Raven comes up to me after school and apologizes for Flitter’s behaviour. She gave me half of an apple and we sat and talked for a while over our snack. She told me how she loved ghosts and thought the cemetery was really cool. I didn’t understand what she meant at the time but that didn’t matter. She was still the cute filly that I had a crush on… and she knew it.

Before she left to go home she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. 

I… still feel that some days… when I think hard enough… I don’t actually feel ANYTHING… but I can almost feel that…

Oh dear, it seems I’m blushing… um… gotta go!

I started Ask the Ghost Ponies over 1 year ago… almost 2 come June I think… The first image is from one of the original posts I did where I showcased my somewhat morbid sense of humor. The picture on the bottom is the commission I completed today. I haven’t had an art lesson save for advice from friends since I was in middle school… in two years, just from practice and trying to improve I was able to go from the Yoshi-looking ponies that I started with to the adorable little thing you see now.

I…actually want to cry. 

I never stopped to look at how I progressed… I thought my art was terrible until I decided to go back and just see… and I realized something. 

I improved. While my art isn’t perfect… it’s good… it’s better than it used to be… and it’s because I practiced. To me, that means so much. After the horrible morning I had… this was amazing.

Sorry if I sound like I am tooting my own horn but… for once… for this moment… I am proud of myself. I am proud of my art. That… that right there… is amazing.

So guys, I noticed that I am close to a certain number of followers! As my blog does delve into the ghostly things and the witchycrafty sorts of stuff I feel like I should do something for it… So what do you guys think? What should I do in honor of 666 follower? Give me suggestions below! What should I do to celebrate?

So guys, I noticed that I am close to a certain number of followers! As my blog does delve into the ghostly things and the witchycrafty sorts of stuff I feel like I should do something for it… So what do you guys think? What should I do in honor of 666 follower? Give me suggestions below! What should I do to celebrate?

Completed commission for Tetrapony of a little ghostly Woona. Since it’s ghost related I figured I’d upload it here for my followers to enjoy. I personally prefer shading v1 but uploaded v1 and v2. Which do you guys think is better?

So, I started up a new mod blog! Go check it out for random chaos, reblogs, and my occurring thoughts… when I actually think… BOO!

Okay… so I was wrong… and a QUESTION!!!!!

I actually got a few touching posts, one with some decent advice, and a few good questions to answer! It made me smile I will admit.

Now, I will draw some updates soon… as soon as I find my tablet. I have the cable and the pen… but no tablet to be found. 

No joke intended here I think the ghost in my apartment moved it. It likes to randomly move stuff that will turn up days to weeks later. Like a set of keys for example that I thought I lost two months ago? Turned up in my laptop bag that I’ve completely emptied and re-organized about 17 times since then…

Anyway, updates will come soon.

Out of curiosity, in the mean time… would anyone be interested if I posted some short stories for this blog? Things that would make nice LONG comics but I don’t have the drive to do them?